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Class 5W

Tuesday 30 April

We have a few items of uniform which have gone missing, so if you could be on the look-out for any items that make their way to your home, but belong elsewhere then that would be very much appreciated. Thank you

Friday 26 April

I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break, we are still eating Easter eggs in our house and may be for some time!

Our Christian value this half-term is Friendship and I am very excited that it is our turn to lead a worship.  The date for our assembly is Friday 24 May.  In the mean time, if the children have any pictures, photographs or items that represent their friendships with others, it would be lovely to have them up on display in our classroom.


If during this half-term your child comes home with an invitation for an assembly where they are due to receive a certificate, I will be including an option where I can hang on to the certificate until our worship assembly.  As a parent myself I appreciate how difficult in can be to fit visits into school around work and so if you would rather your child received their certificate during the worship assembly, then that is no problem, just let me know.

Friday 8 March

We have had a very interesting week this week, sharing our research on Boudicca, sharing our discoveries of maths in the world around us and sharing some of our favourite stories.  The time and effort that the children have put into their research is fantastic, our classroom looks great.

As a parent I know the time and effort that goes into these things on your part, so a huge thank you also to you.  It is very much appreciated.

Friday 11 January

A happy new year to you all!  I hope you and your children have had a fantastic Christmas.  


In maths we are multiplying numbers and so the children are currently working hard practicing their times tables.

In english our current focus is a tale of quest, using the story of Hercules as our inspiration.

In RE we are doing work on 'the people of God' and our christian value for this half term is 'courage'.  The children have already told me how many of you have very courageous jobs!

Electricity is our topic for science.  We have already had a very interesting discussion about the importance of certain electrical appliances and how the lack of them would impact on our day.

We are continuing with the Romans in our history work.

A reminder that reading books will be changed on a Monday evening and should be in school every day.   Also, the children are continuing with their recorder work and so will need those in school on Fridays.



Thursday 6 December

Yesterday the children took part in our 'Roman Day'.  We had a great day which involved handling objects from the museum at Durham University, creating mosaics and taking part in a drama session based around the Roman invasions.  I'm sure the children will enjoy showing you their mosaics when they bring them home.  I was very impressed with some of the conversations taking place during our object handling session.  The children had to turn detective and try to work out what their object was and who would have owned or used it.  The drama session was my personal favourite, I had no idea that I had so many budding young actors in my class!



We also had a visit from Chris Connaughton this week.  What an inspirational author!  It was great to see the children so enthusiastic about storytelling and I'm sure his advice will help the children with their adventure stories. 

With not long to go until our Carol Service, please keep singing at home!


Monday 19 November

Wow!  Two weeks of the half-term gone already!

In our English work, we are building up to writing our own short adventure story.  We have read An Adventure at Sandy Cove and have already started to think of elements to include in our own stories.

After a fantastic start to the year working on place value in maths, we have moved on to addition and subtraction.  Talking to your child about your weekly shopping and how much change you get is a great way of putting some of this work into context. 

In science we have been learning about skeletons and will be shortly moving onto the muscles.  We have had great fun labeling our class skeleton, who most of you met at parents evening!

Compassion is the Christian value we are focusing on in the run up to Christmas, and I have already been impressed with the thoughts and ideas that the children have had in discussion around this theme.

I was so proud of the children during Remembrance Week, the poppies that they made looked absolutely beautiful and their poetry art work is now displayed around the classroom.

A reminder that reading books are changed on a Monday evening, please sign your child's reading record so we know that they have finished their book.  Reading books should be in school every day so that we can take every opportunity to support the children with their reading. 


Monday 24 September

In English we are continuing our poetry work on 'We plough the fields and scatter', focusing particularly on similes and metaphors, leading up to writing our own poem.

In Maths, we are currently working on Number and Place Value.

In Science, we will be looking at what makes a balanced diet and looking at healthy meals.

In RE we will be continuing our work looking at what Christians learn from the Creation story and looking at the Christian value of 'Compassion'.  We have had some great discussions about this in class.

Mrs Timmins will be taking the class on a Wednesday afternoon, studying Romans and also taking time to focus on our Christian values.

PE is on a Tuesday morning with Mrs. Kirkley. Please can children arrive in their PE kits with school uniform in their bags. 

Homework is sent home on a Monday, due in for Thursday ready for our spelling test.  Homework this week is descriptive writing, use those adjectives we have been working on in class!  'Day 4' on the spellings sheet is to be completed in class as part of our early work on a Thursday morning so please don't worry about completing that day at home!